About Me

Short Bio

I am a senior researcher at Oracle Labs, working on the Graal project. My research interests include program analysis, virtual machine, and dynamic compilation.

Previously, I was a research assistant in the Faculty of Informatics, University of Lugano, under the supervision of Prof. Walter Binder. I received a doctoral degree in May 2017.

Selected Publications

  • Yudi Zheng, Lubomír Bulej, and Walter Binder. An Empirical Study on Deoptimization in the Graal Compiler. ECOOP 2017. [link]
  • Omar Javed, Yudi Zheng, Andrea Rosà, Haiyang Sun, and Walter Binder. Extended Code Coverage for AspectJ-Based Runtime Verification Tools. RV 2016. [link]
  • Yudi Zheng, Andrea Rosà, Luca Salucci, Yao Li, Haiyang Sun, Omar Javed, Lubomír Bulej, Lydia Y. Chen, Zhengwei Qi, and Walter Binder. AutoBench: Finding Workloads That You Need Using Pluggable Hybrid Analyses. SANER 2016. [link]
  • Yudi Zheng, Lubomír Bulej, and Walter Binder. Accurate Profiling in the Presence of Dynamic Compilation. OOPSLA 2015. Distinguished Paper Award. [link]
  • Haiyang Sun, Yudi Zheng, Lubomír Bulej, Alex Villazón, Zhengwei Qi, Petr Tuma, and Walter Binder. A Programming Model and Framework for Comprehensive Dynamic Analysis on Android. MODULARITY 2015. [link]
  • Lukás Marek, Stephen Kell, Yudi Zheng, Lubomír Bulej, Walter Binder, Petr Tuma, Danilo Ansaloni, Aibek Sarimbekov, and Andreas Sewe. ShadowVM: Robust and Comprehensive Dynamic Analysis for the Java Platform. GPCE 2013. [link]
  • Danilo Ansaloni, Stephen Kell, Yudi Zheng, Lubomír Bulej, Walter Binder, and Petr Tuma. Enabling Modularity and Re-use in Dynamic Program Analysis Tools for the Java Virtual Machine. ECOOP 2013. [link]
  • Yudi Zheng, Danilo Ansaloni, Lukás Marek, Andreas Sewe, Walter Binder, Alex Villazón, Petr Tuma, Zhengwei Qi, and Mira Mezini. Turbo DiSL: Partial Evaluation for High-Level Bytecode Instrumentation. TOOLS 2012. [link]
  • Lukás Marek, Alex Villazon, Yudi Zheng, Danilo Ansoloni, Walter Binder and Zhengwei Qi. DiSL: a Domain-Specific Language for Bytecode Instrumentation. AOSD 2012. [link]

Check DBLP for the complete publication list.